CCTV Information

According to research statistics, a citizen is captured on a CCTV about 300 times in a day on average.

– There are approximately 25 million CCTV cameras that are operational around the world.

– It has been anticipated that installing CCTV camera systems will reduce burglary by almost 67% ( However, there are only 9% consumers who have CCTVs.

– The largest CCTV camera system is installed in Singapore airport which is a staggering 3000 cameras.

– Almost all banks have CCTV cameras installed to monitor ATM machines.

– The maximum number of CCTV cameras is installed in UK. It is believed that there is one camera for every 14 people in the country ( UK has almost 4 million of these cameras installed, which accounts for 20% of the world�s camera installations.

– Almost 500 cameras are installed in Harrods London and Brussels airport is already testing 700 cameras.

There are different types of security cameras available in the market for different uses.

– Infrared CCTV cameras are also known as night vision cameras and these cameras can work in the dark as well as in the daylight. The camera has the ability to takes images in full color during the day and black and white images in the night.

– Network/IP security camera is a full featured web based security camera surveillance system that is quite popular in the market. The main feature of these camera systems is that it can manipulated, recorded and viewed from any remote location ( It has a web server that is embedded in it and has a dedicated IP address which allows the users to get connected with the camera over the Internet.

– A wireless security CCTV camera is ideal for those who prefer versatility, portability, mobility and disguise. It serves the purpose of a security camera that can act as a spy camera